Thursday, May 29, 2014

A Saint Or A Sinner?

Mam Somaly: The Shit that Newsweek Shed For those who have read Dante Aligheri's Divine Comedy, this brilliant Italian writer had outlined different stages in Hell for most people to be in after they died. If my memory didn't fail me, the lowest level of hell was reserved for Satan, the falling angel, who used his saintly image to mislead others. When I read the damning story of Somaly Mam using lies and deceptions to garner support for her "crusade" against sexual exploitation of young women, my stomach begins to churn with disgust and a sense of disgrace. My initial reaction was: "Oh dear, here comes another disgrace story about Cambodian." As a Cambodian, I can's help but asking: What happens to us? Have we had any sense of morality in our soul anymore? Of course, we should not blame a few bad apples on the whole society. But we, Cambodians, seem to have too many bad apples in our society. As a Khmer saying goes: "Fish in a basket, when one is rotten, all the fish in the basket will eventually be rotten." With this saying in mind, we, Cambodians, should all look in the mirror and do some soul searching whether we have done enough to counter the temptation of commiting vices for personal gains. In the meantime, let us pray for Somaly's soul that Yama (Yumareach) will be lenient and show understanding when judging her.

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