Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Food for Thought

On Liberty and Freedom of Expression I listened to a radio broadcast on the Internet the other day and heard Mr. Kem Sokha, Vice President of the CNRP Party complained bitterly about people who criticised the CNRP's leadership for NOT doing the right thing (whatever that right thing might be). Mr. Kem Sokha said that people who proclaim themselves to be democrats or supporting democratic movement should not criticise the CNRP's leadership for whatever reasons because doing so will help strenghten the position of the CPP. As a Cambodian, I would like to share a humble opinion on this issue that it is imperative for people to be able to express their opinion freely, even though such opinion might be detrimental to their own interests. Remember that the struggle between the CNRP and CPP is to bring better liberty and freedom of expression to Cambodia. Democracy without freedom of expression is no difference from dictatoship.

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