Friday, April 27, 2012

A Smart Thinking

Anonymous said...
In light of the shooting death of a Cambodian environmental activist, Mr. Chut Wuthy, over what appears to be his refusal to hand over memory card(s) containing pictures of illegal logging activities to the authority, it is time for activists, journalists or advocates to take measure to protect themselves from such incident in the future. This lesson should have been learned a long time ago; but just in case you had not thought about it, keep this advice in the back of your mind: USE MULTIPLE MEMORY CARDS when you are taking pictures to document criminal activities, especially, in a place like Cambodia where the line between criminal and authority is blurred. This win-win solution will, no doubt, keep a lot of us safe--the authority will get the memory card and the activists/journalists will still have the documentary pictures.

(This passage is originally posted on KI-Media)

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