Saturday, March 19, 2011



You capture my affection with your beauty;
You delight my feelings with your romance;
You take away my misery
And please my soul with your passion.

You keep my life from uncertainty;
You touch my heart with your compassion;
You destroy my sins with your piety
And free my spirit with your common sense.

You take away my anxiety;
You lull my fear with a gentle care;
You soothe my thoughts with serenity
And serenade me out of despair.

You kill my pain with your empathy;
You send away all of my fears;
You heal my depression with your sympathy
And make me become your only Dear.

You keep my soul in a beautiful Heaven;
You give me hope and happiness;
You fill my life with enchantment
And take away all my sadness.

You wreck my vices with your powerful grace;
You bring me peace like a little dove;
You raze my rage with a warm embrace
And bless my life with your unchained love.

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